This is a spot for comments that are not to do with anything else on this site.



To start with we'll just have "General" for everything.  If it looks like there is a need for some other topics, we'll add them as they get requested.


This is a bit like a forum

The whole idea is that there isn't really a forum on this site.  There are lots of forums out there already!  In any case, I didn't want multiple places for discussing the same topics.  So there is no forum, just comments!  Each bit of content on the site will have comments active, and all discussion on site should be with the content it is about. 

However, for some, it might be nice to have all those comments in one place.  Hence the Forum page comes into existence.  

So what about general comments about other things.  Well we have this special content type for that, comments added to here can have titles and can fill that gap for topics where no content exists already.  

Using this method, the comments here can be included along with all the other comments from around the site.

As the need arises, other nodes of this content type can be added with other names "For sale", "Technique", "Bike Mechanics" etc.     

Is it really?

A reply to a comments looks a bit like this.  No, a lot like this!

So how do these work?

All my thought can go down here!